About TTC Company Group

TTC Company Group is an organization born from the expertise and confidence of partners who have chosen to support the food and beverages industry with world-class ingredients and service.

We are a distributor with deep knowledge of our supplier's products and our local food market tradition. Based on our application and creative skills we implement top quality and cost-in-use solutions for our customers.
 The combination of high-quality ingredients, listen to our customers, speed, cost control of logistics, and innovation, driving us towards long-time partnerships.

Applications and Products

  • The future of TTC Company is based only on top quality products, products by world-class leading manufacturers. 
  • The quality is guaranteed by all necessary corresponding certificates. 
  • We carefully select our product portfolio to meet the wide area of customer applications. 
  • We optimize your logistics, and you will receive your products on time. 
  • From our local warehouses, you will get goods on short call and system 'just-in-time deliveries' is available for you. 
  • Thanks to intense cooperation and communication with our principals, supply shortages are recognized beforehand and are avoided
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